Thinking about laser therapy to enhance your practice and help your patients heal faster?

Over 2,200 published papers and hundreds of scientific studies including clinical trials and double blind, placebo controlled peer – reviewed studies exist supporting laser therapy as a valid therapeutic modality. Laser therapy has been shown to be effective on CTS, tendonitis, neck and back pain, soft tissue injuries, swelling, sprains and strains and much more.

Before you invest in expensive laser equipment you should know exactly what you need for your practice. The London Laser Training Institute is now offering instruction in laser therapy for healthcare professionals.

You will learn the energy concepts of laser, tissue interaction, clinical and aesthetic applications, laser acupuncture theory and the contraindications of laser therapy.
Because we are not affiliated with any laser manufacturer and we do not sell any laser equipment, you can be assured that you are getting unbiased training.

Our Vision

To set a benchmark for training in laser/pulsed light/light therapy and natural therapies.
To encourage wider application of laser/pulsed light/light medicine in the health care system.
To help laser/pulsed light/light practitioners develop as specialists in the health care system.
To be recognized internationally as a specialist and a leader in laser/pulsed light/light medicine.
To link with international professional organizations promoting research and development of laser/pulsed light/light medicine.
To integrate the best holistic medicine from East and West and advocate their use now – and in the future.
To advance the safe clinical use of light therapy in health, medical and related fields both in Canada and the US.

Our Mission

The London Laser Training Institute will be the educational leader in the emerging field of laser therapeutics by being the first to provide the quality of comprehensive laser training for healthcare professionals that will ensure the public receives the highest standard of care available.